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I see clients on weekdays via video, typically in the afternoons, some evenings. My clients find this a convenient, safe, and efficient way to do the deep work of counseling.

Check out my counseling page if you are serious about investing in deep life transformation or couples counseling.



I have been writing seriously since the fall of 2021. Every Wednesday, I send an email newsletter called Words of Wisdom where I condense 20 years of learning into 2 minutes of reading for you.

Each week I choose a topic and share my thoughts, quotes, and powerful questions to share what I know and help you grow.


My goal is to make this a 30-year writing project.

Learn more about Words of Wisdom here.

You can see more of what I'm up to at www.wisecraft.org.


Building from my experience from when I co-founded and served as the former Chief Product Officer at rTribe, I'm consulting with a dear colleague and lifelong friend to help her launch a nonprofit to empower the mental health ecosystem.


I find I read best when working on multiple books at once. Maybe it's my curiosity; perhaps it's the ADHD. As I look over my physical and digital books, I'm currently reading The River of Doubt, The Good Life, The Wisdom Pattern, The Changing World Order, The Disconnected Man, The Soul of Desire, Ignore Everybody, and Discipline Equals Freedom.

I'm rereading Bread for the Journey, Erotic Intelligence, and Falling Upward.

Movement Practice

Currently, most of my movement practice takes place in my garage gym. Kettlebells, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars, sandbags, and slam balls get the most attention. For fun, I'm currently working towards meeting the simple goal from Simple & Sinister. I'm there on the one arm swings, but the turkish getup with a 32kg kettlebell is much more of a challenge for me.

I also get out a few times a week to hike or trail run. Nothing brings my body and soul alive like some time in wild places. I'm currently training for a Spartan race in June, and I want to maintain my fitness so I don't suffer more than I need to on a five-day backpacking trip in the eastern Sierras in August.

Deepening Presence

I do a daily sitting meditation or prayer. I enjoy two helpful, straightforward, free apps: the Pause App by John Eldredge and Oak Meditation by Kevin Rose.

Intentional Community

Our modern society has experienced a collapse of community, and as we all know, the pandemic only made this worse. My wife and I are committed to doing life in a small intentional community of people. Part of that means being committed to a local spiritual community of faith, just like most humans have been for thousands of years in one form or another.

My wife and I love our life in Sparks, Nevada, a stone's throw from my favorite place on earth, the Sierras.


My life is so rich and full of meaning with my family. My wife Ally and two-year-old son Zion bring my most profound joy.