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On the Most Important Skill

Virtue is a skill. The most valuable skillset you can invest in. Choosing to love courageously today, compounds over time into simple contentment, meaningful achievements, and a rich community of friends.

Virtue is best pursued in light of a craft. Follow your why, that calling to serve others through your craft. Whether motherhood, making coffee, or building a business, the mundane practice of your craft is the fire where you will character will be forged. Do what you do with peace, courage, and radical generosity.

In today's complex world with competing voices of truth crying out, what is the most important thing you can do? Focus on who you are becoming, and grow in virtue.

Do not focus only on how the world should be, but on how you live. Love those in your sphere of influence, confess your shortcomings to who you trust most, own how you have hurt others, forgive those who have hurt you, create value in the world, and seek to empower everyone you encounter.

The question of your virtue is unavoidable. Who am I becoming?

How you answer that question will determine the quality of your life and the impact you make in the world. You can put off intentionally answering that question, but it is unescapable. Your life will rise or fall to the level of your practice of virtue.

Who are you becoming?

The simplest way to answer this question is to focus on deepening your presence, loving your community, and mastering your craft through a practice. If you grow in these three fundamentals of wisdom you will flourish. If you ignore any one of these three elements and you will falter.

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