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Josh is a psychotherapist, writer, and coach for men and couples who want to overcome their greatest struggles and grow in wisdom.

Professional Testimonial

Rediscover purpose

Connect deeper

Find freedom

Save your marriage

Dream bigger

Work daringly

Live courageously

Feel better

Overcome sexual betrayal
& unwanted sexual behavior

Get therapy and marriage counseling from specialists in helping you overcome sexual betrayal, addiction, and trauma. Consider Overcome, our 10 Week Couples Intensive.

Clients say:

"Josh saved my marriage." *Sarah, 27
"You have no idea how much you helped us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I don't have the words to express my appreciation." *Mark, 54

"Josh was like an angel. He saved my life." *Jen, 38

"I tried other therapists. Josh gave me powerful new language for my life and helpful ways of seeing myself so I could live in a new way." *Cameron, 32

"Josh has helped me get through some hard times in life. He's helped me see patterns in my life that have gotten me into bad situations and supported me in making changes and breaking bad habits. He's always caring, supportive, yet not afraid of some gentle confrontation." *Megan, 43
"Josh has brought calm and sense to a situation that I truly felt was out of control. I have gained tools to lead the life I have always wished for and my marriage that looked like it was ending is actually growing again with a closeness that we have never had." *William, 55

"My life would be awful if God didn't lead me to Josh's practice...I am no longer a slave to my lustful thoughts, I am more grounded, confident, have a direction and purpose, and my relationship with the Lord has improved as a result." *Samuel, 24

"I really appreciate his ability to identify the most pressing issues of my sharing with him. He helps me focus on how to find ways to pursue what I truly desire and has a good balance of listening and providing insights." *Ben, 31

"What I want others to know is that you matter. That's what's true and you need to know that. Josh helped me believe and live it out." *Ryan, 29

"His care and listening abilities are as real and authentic as it gets. God bless you!" *David, 29

"I found him to be knowledgeable, professional, kind, adept, competent, compassionate, ethical, well-reasoned, experienced, and practicing an approach that comes with a gentleness to temper just the right amount of pushing. A perfect balance to help those willing to do the work." *Colleen, 32

"Josh is very professional, empathetic and caring. He is challenging and helpful. He has the experience to help his clients and is brutally honest. I trust him." Dr. *Alan, 68 

"You have been God's hand and trusted guide. Thank you for your wisdom." *Kelly, 40

*names have been changed to protect privacy

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