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I don’t think we are so different. We both want the same things:

•to love and be loved

•to seek with curiosity answers to our questions

•to live with serenity, courage, and adventure

•to simplify

I believe you have spent your whole life seeking the life you want. Some of it has been working and some of it hasn’t. As a therapist I walk with you on this journey of desire and help you take your life to new places.

I thrive in helping you move from suffering, isolation, addiction, and confusion to a daring, thriving life. I also help people find the intimacy they long for and deserve through couples counseling.

To learn more about how you can expect to grow in counseling, read this article I wrote.

Growth is often a weaving together of learning and applying new truths and accepting and embracing old inner truths. Part of that means helping you find resources. I also help you realize the value and strength you already posses.

Who I work with

How do I describe the people I work with?

Each person has their own story, but common threads are:

• the courage to face difficult challenges
• the desire to learn, such as communication skills
• a longing to connect more deeply
• the pursuit of purpose
• making sense of pain
• people seeking serenity in the chaos of life

They are brave and complex,

facing their own unique challenges,

asking bold questions.

Perhaps you can relate?

From CEO’s to single moms, from fathers of five to college students, I work with a broad range of courageous people.

I love working with couples who dare to hope that their relationship is worth fighting for and want to learn how to connect and communicate again. From faith-filled Christians, to doubting agnostics, to thoughtful atheists, I’m happy to help you continue to ask better questions.


"Josh has brought calm and sense to a situation that I truly felt was out of control. I have gained tools to lead the life I have always wished for and my marriage that looked like it was ending is actually growing again with a closeness that we have never had."

*William, 55 / Small Business Owner

"My life would be awful if God didn't lead me to Josh's practice...I am no longer a slave to my lustful thoughts, I am more grounded, confident, have a direction and purpose, and my relationship with the Lord has improved as a result."

*Samuel, 24 / Student

 "Josh has helped me get through some hard times in life. He's helped me see patterns in my life that have gotten me into bad situations and supported me in making changes and breaking bad habits. He's always caring, supportive, yet not afraid of some gentle confrontation."

*Megan, 43 / Health Care Professional

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

First Session & Expectations

I will start by introducing you to myself and to therapy. We will spend 50 minutes talking and exploring whatever struggles you want help overcoming.

Expect to be welcomed,

expect to be challenged,

expect to grow.

Many therapists want to tell you about the theory that they use in psychotherapy. I want to get to know you and help you in ways that work best for you.

However, since you may still want to know about my theoretical orientation, here are the following theories and evidence-based approaches I use in counseling: cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, addiction counseling (I’ve spent hundreds of hours being trained in addiction counseling and have an Addiction Studies Certificate), narrative therapy, art therapy, client centered therapy, solution focused therapy, affect centered therapy, gestalt and existential therapy, psychodynamic theory, and motivational interviewing. My training and experience at Talbot School of Theology in providing Spiritual Direction also gives me a unique ability to help people explore spiritual questions.

I am committed to the highest ethical standards in my profession as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nevada (4167-R), Arizona (LMFT-15594), and Colorado (MFT.0001545). I am a clinical fellow in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. See the AAMFT code of ethics.


Reno, Nevada

Scottsdale, Arizona

Fort Collins & Loveland, Colorado

Currently I'm seeing all clients via video Telehealth sessions. My clients find this a convenient, safe, and efficient way to do the deep work of counseling.


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