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Overcome Couples Intensive 

A premium 10-Week experience to overcome sexual betrayal, addiction, and trauma.

We teach and guide our clients using cutting-edge insights, apply timeless biblical truths, and empower them with the skills that really work in transforming their marriage...and we give the daily and intensive support AND the mindset and knowledge that is needed to take action and experience trust, connection, communication, and intimacy. 


• Unapologetically Christian​

• Experience transformational growth in 10 weeks that it takes most couples a year to do.

• Save your marriage even if you think it's headed for divorce.
• Learn and apply the keys to recovery.

• Receive support through individual, couples, and group sessions, and quickly apply what you are learning.

Get premium support from specialists.

Most professionals don’t specialize in working with couples. A small minority specialize in working with sexual addiction. Very few specialize in empowering couples to face these confusing, traumatic, and difficult challenges, together. Even fewer are unapologetically Christian. 


We know of no other long-term online Couples Intensive like we have created. 


This program gives you direct access to our team of specialists to help you navigate through the countless questions and challenges you are facing. 


Walk a trusted path to lead you through evidence-based, customized care.

Even though it may feel like you are completely alone, you are not the first to go through this. The Overcome program will guide you through an intentional, trusted path by Specialists who have helped hundreds of couples.


Specialized tools to bring clarity out of the chaos.

Get to the Core with Insights

In-Depth Assessments will help you understand yourself and your partner.


Personalize your Healing 

Combining detailed self reflection exercises and your coaching sessions will help you put your experience into your own words and find the freedom you've hardly dared to hope for.

Lifetime Access

We will continually add to the program, you will continue to benefit.


What exactly am I getting in the 10-Week Overcome Couples Intensive?


  • 20 hours of intensive coaching 

    • 5 hours total of individual sessions 

    • 5 hours of couples sessions

    • 10 hours of group sessions

  • 31+ hours of content

  • 52 Reflection exercises to deepen insight and personally apply learning

  • FAQs and Resources about Addiction, Trauma, Betrayal, Recovery, Rebuilding Trust, Conflict Resolution Skills, Boundaries, and Communication Skills. We continue to add regularly to this powerful library of resources.


We know what works

Explore the Overcome 10-Week Couples Intensive

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