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  • Where are you located?
    I live in Nevada, and I'm currently seeing clients 100% remotely via video or phone calls. My clients find this a convenient way to connect with me and fit counseling into their schedule. Please indicate the State you live in when you contact me.
  • What's the first step to starting counseling?
    The first step is to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. That will start our communication, and I will typically respond within 24 hours by calling or emailing you back. If I email we will setup a time for a 20-30 minute free consultation call to see if I'm a good fit. It's simple to begin the first step!
  • Will talking about a problem make things worse?
    If you're asking this question, it might be because this is what has been happening. I will work hard to help you talk about things in a way that is constructive, healing, and helpful. My clients typically find it helpful to talk about a problem with someone who is caring, an expert in helping them overcome their struggles, but also not involved in their daily lives. I can help you grow in perspective and awareness, give you tools, resources, and connect with you in a deeply supportive way so that you are as equipped as possible to resiliently face your greatest challenges.
  • What if my problems have gone on so long there's no way to fix them?
    Getting stuck in a pattern of difficulties and problems is common before seeking therapy. For couples counseling, for example, research shows that the average couple has six years of unresolved issues and marital distress before seeking counseling. Therapy is an opportunity to try doing something different with your most difficult challenges. Trying harder isn't enough. Regardless of how long you have struggled, if you are willing to take the next step forward, there is still hope for change. I've had many clients share at the beginning of therapy that they don't know how they will ever resolve their problems and by the end of therapy they experience changes they never imagined possible.
  • Will you tell us whether we should stay together or break up, or get divorced?
    I'm biased towards marriage! I'll work to help you restore and heal and grow your relationship to a place of thriving. My goal is to support you towards this growth as long as you want to work at it. But ending your relationship is your decision. It's not my decision to make. I will help you navigate this decision, but it is important to remember that I am a 'marriage-friendly' therapist. If you do decide to end the marriage or relationship, I will support and honor you and help you along the way. It's simply not my decision to determine if you should remain together or not.
  • Is spirituality a part of therapy?
    The degree that you talk about spirituality or your faith is up to you. Some clients prefer to leave it at the door, and I'll respect that. Others want to prioritize this and I completely respect that as well. I want to serve you wherever you are at, and whatever kind of faith or spirituality you have. My own faith as a Christian will primarily show up in session with my commitment to see you and treat you as a wonderfully unique, interesting, imperfect yet incredibly valuable, struggling yet resilient and courageous human worthy of love, belonging, and purpose. Wherever you find yourself in your spiritual journey, there is space for you here.
  • Will you make me cry?
    I won't make you do anything! My goal is to help you feel safe and provide a caring, comfortable, and respectful environment where you can share as much or as little as you want to. Sometimes during this process tears do come. But getting you to cry isn't the goal. If you do cry, know that many clients find these emotions are surprisingly a welcomed relief. It can feel like you've been holding in these emotions for a long time and they finally get to be more fully expressed. Therapy can be an intense emotional experience, and this can be part of the healing process. We call it 'doing the work'. It's like emotional labor, and like physical labor, can feel taxing. But if done in an intentional, caring, thoughtful way it can be very powerful and incredibly healing over time. If you do feel uncomfortable though, please let me know and we can make changes to prioritize taking care of you. I never want you to feel too overwhelmed or pushed to be vulnerable when you're not ready.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I can provide you with a 'Superbill' to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. You can contact your insurance company and ask how much you may be reimbursed for these psychotherapy services. Insurance requires a diagnosis and record of sessions paid for in order to reimburse. The Insurance CPT codes are listed below so you can find out your reimbursement rates. If you have an HSA card, you can inquire if this covers mental health services and any limitations. Single Individual Psychotherapy Session: $225 per 50 minute session, including at-home exercises customized to your need. Insurance CPT code: 90834 CPT Code Single Couples Psychotherapy Session: $225 per 50 minute session, including at-home exercises customized to your need. Insurance CPT code: Family psychotherapy (conjoint therapy) - 90847 Coaching services are not reimbursed by most insurance companies.
  • What are your fees?
    Remember, this is an investment in yourself and if you are doing couples counseling, in your most important relationship. Single Individual Psychotherapy Session: $250 per 50 minute session. Insurance CPT code: 90834 Single Couples Psychotherapy Session: $250 per 50 minute session, including at-home exercises customized to your need. Insurance CPT code: Family psychotherapy (conjoint therapy) - 90847 Reduced Fees Options: (not currently available) Josh offers a predetermined number of reduced fee slots to assist those who are unable to afford regular rates. These slots are currently full. Coaching sessions: Coaching sessions are the same as the fees listed above. Insurance does not typically reimburse coaching services. Insurance: Insurance codes listed above are provided so you can contact your insurance company to ask how much you may be reimbursed. For more on insurance, please see the FAQ on insurance below for more details.
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